Update 5-15-11. 10:30 pm. From Mom regarding Jason. He has been through HELL and back. He has had 3 brain surgeries in just over 3 weeks with the last one taking place last night as an emergency. Jason just realized this an hour ago. He thought he was recovering from the 2nd surgery. He has no memory of the third surgery.

Jason is worried about paying his bills and Drs and meds. He Is focused on that. He is in and out of conscienceness. Jason is scared and very depressed. Please try to help him with whatever you can afford by sending what you can to: http://jordanjaricfund.yolasite.com/.

Jason is feeling he is lucky to be alive and he prays he has come to the end of this journey with hope and anticipation for a long life. He has been told that more then likely there will be more surgeries over time and he cannot drive for 2 years due to his seizures.

Jason has grown from this experience. And has been going in and out of waking up wanting to THANK all of you for your support and good wishes. He loves you all.

And as his Mom, I am grateful for all that you bring to his life and feel he is blessed to have you in his life. God Bless all of you. Thanx for making sure my baby feels so loved and special. You all rock!!!! Big hug from Mom to all of you.

Jason is a fighter and hopefully an inspiration to all of you going through difficult life experiences. You are not alone. And I believe Jason has learned this through his journey.