Please help if able!!!

Updates are posted in more detail under 'News' please take a look around.  Jason has provided some of his pictures on the pictures tab.

After suffering multiple seizures Jordan Jaric (Jason Hanan) had a very lengthy and complex operation on April 20, 2011 to remove a tumor from his brain.  Jordan is now faced with extraordinary costs related to the surgery, medications and follow-up visits as well as the lengthy recovery period of at least 6 months during which he is unable to work.

Jason had his second Brain Surgery on 05/12/2011 with another Emergency Surgery to relieve a Subdural Hematoma (massive bleeding in the brain that is considered a Surgical Emergency requiring immediate removal of part of the skull and evacuation of the blood to preserve life and prevent massive brain damage) less than 24 hours later.  He is still very ill and continues to need all the support and love he can get.  Jason is now off of artificial life support.

Jason was discharged from the hospital on 05/24/2011.

Message from Jordan Jaric (Jason Hanan):

I just got a huge brain surgery and now look like freaking shreck and am having a BF trying to figure out how to pay for the expenses and recovery time

Have to take at least prob 6 months off work and pay for meds have amazing family and friends but were all BROKE

Please anything helps!!!

Nothing but LOVE

If you see that my goal is high it's because there is a LOT of unpaid medical the procedure cost nearly $100,000

No joke

I'm gonna try to raise half but it's also going to take care of me during the recovery time, I gotta take it easy, that's hard for maim really fast passed and high strung....

Anyways help a homo OUT!


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