Jason home from captivity at the hospital on 05/24/2011

May 26, 2011
Thankfully, Jason was discharged from the hospital on 05/24/2011 and has begun his recovery (again) at home!!!!

Costs Associated with Jason's surgeries are now over $500,000.00

May 22, 2011
As of now, the costs related to Jason's surgeries are now over half a million dollars and growing.

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Emergency Surgery on 05/13 for a Subdural Hematoma

May 17, 2011
After his second operation on 05/12 Jason underwent an Emergency Surgery (likely a craniomoty or removal of part of the skull to drain the accumulating blood) due to a Subdural Hematoma which is a potentially fatal Surgical Emergency where blood pools on the brain [see image below].

Complications of a Subdural Hematoma can be as follow (from the National Institutes of Health):
  • Brain herniation (pressure on the brain severe enough to cause coma and death)
  • Persistent symptoms such as memory loss...

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Jason Still in the hospital following his Second Operation and Third (Emergency) Operation less than 24 Hours later

May 16, 2011

Update 5-15-11. 10:30 pm. From Mom regarding Jason. He has been through HELL and back. He has had 3 brain surgeries in just over 3 weeks with the last one taking place last night as an emergency. Jason just realized this an hour ago. He thought he was recovering from the 2nd surgery. He has no memory of the third surgery.

Jason is worried about paying his bills and Drs and meds. He Is focused on that. He is in and out of conscienceness. Jason is scared and very depressed. Please try to help...

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Jason has just gone into Surgery, again

May 13, 2011
At approximately 8:00PM on Thursday May 12, 2011 Jason went into the OR for his second brain surgery.

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Second Brain Surgery Scheduled for May 12, 2011

May 11, 2011
As a result of more complications Jason is now scheduled to undergo a second brain surgery to repair the dura matter (outter lining of the brain) and install a Lumbar Drain to drain fluid that is accumulating.

The procedure is expected to take 2 hours with 2 days of hospitalization following.

This is a setback in Jason's recovery and he still needs as much love and support as possible to help him through this catastrophic health event.
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May 9, 2011 Emergency Treatment

May 11, 2011
On May 9, 2011 Jason (aka Jordan Jaric) was sent to the Hospital Emergency Department for swelling of his head.  130CC (Just over 1/2 cup) of excess fluid was drained from his skull. 

Jason still needs help with his recovery and still needs everyone's thoughts and prayers. 

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